Technology Solutions

Enterprise Information Portals [EIP]

Leading organizations, especially those with large and diverse workforces, have realized that the web is a powerful tool for improving internal communications, increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing the effectiveness of their talent base. ShubhSoft has developed significant expertise working with clients in defining opportunities for value-creation through enterprise portals, and executing solutions that users genuinely appreciate and easily use.

We provide a single gateway to a company's information and knowledge base for employees, customers, business partners, and the general public as well. Our portals include access/search, categorization, collaboration, personalization, expertise and profiling, application integration, and security. This will also involve government solution requirements including G2C, G2B, C2G, B2G and G2G.

ShubhSoft specializes in creating advanced portals infrastructure that are directed to the unique needs of users profiles in different communities, location and regions.